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“Railway trading company” implemented RS.ERP

“Railway trading company” implemented the retail management system RS.ERP. In collaboration with ASTOR specialists the retailer automated all stores and restoraunts. Stores are mostly located on railroad stations , their main consumers are old people, railroad workers and their family. 


The system of automated mechanisms was implemented to form regulated and sectoral accounting. Instruments for budgeting, accounting, taxing, personnel management, and salary management were created.

Effectiveness of engineering and financial resources utilizations increased  with the updated system which allowed to receive reports for all facilities. Labor intensity and length of accounting systems maintenance  decreased. 

New possibilities

Analysis of checks for all points of sale and restaurants is done using the analytical module RS.ERP, which allows to analyze the results of sales down to the check line and compare by periods average identifiers for sales, turnover, margin and other KPIs. 

The algorithm of automated registration of own produced food is used to decrease paperwork for employees. The moment the system receives the Z-report, it automatically generates the production order for the amount of the sold products, taking into consideration semi-finished products leftovers.

RS.ERP also  solves automated range management problems, price formation, stock, and creates operational records for the entire chain. [View other cases]