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Retail Suite.ShelfSpace enables fine-tuning of the retail space management.

It is a tool for retail directors, commerce directors, planogrammers, merchandisers, category managers, and store assistants. It has an embedded scenario approach allowing you to manage several parallel running tasks simultaneously.

The retail space should be efficient and manageable. RS.ShelfSpace provides high quality management of visual merchandising indicators, reflecting the efficiency of retail space utilization.

 RS.ShelfSpace processes thousands of parameters: store equipment with all its attributes, departments, sections, shelves, slots and separate SKUs. 

What improves

Retail space management is carried out centrally. Product display is provided based on system-calculated visual guides based on set rules.

The stock reduction principle is utilized for planogram generation to provide the required level of service. Сustomer demand support algorithms change store planograms within a single click.

The system comprehensively supports both regular and promo sales. Easy and comfortable operation of planograms and realograms archiving of change history.

Support for new stores. Store opening business process creates the shop floor plan; this plan is further kept up-to-date with all changes made to the shop floor.



Head Office & Store Staff Costs Cut Down

  • Less time spent on planogram release, update and feedback
  • RLess time spent by the Head Office staff responsible for store equipment, product range and display to create and update planograms and shop floor plans

Increase customer loyalty and sales

  • Unified product display in all chain stores.
  • Capability to display products with high margin in specific “warm” areas.
  • Capability to display products on a specific shelf based on sales history analysis–not according to the expert’s opinion.
  • Grouping products by display rules and cross sales analysis.
  • Optimal allocation of retail space based on sales history and market trends.
  • Capability to analyse warm/cold areas per shelf/rack/store.


For Head Office Staff For Head Office Staff
  • Visual planogram generation for floor space and store equipment of various configurations and complexity;
  • Automatic planogram generation by set rules;
  • Various product display algorithms: horizontal, vertical, by size, by brand, by trade mark, by product attributes, by ABC-analysis results;
  • Visualisation of sales data for planograms of the shop floor and store equipment;
  • Shop floor utilization efficiency of space per area unit analysis – by racks, by item groups, by stores;
  • Planogram history archiving;
  • Planogram approval tool;
  • Central and local control for display management;
  • OOTB Store equipment templates.
For Store Staff For Store Staff
  • Store staff has access to planograms through browser and mobile app;
  • View the list of the equipment that must be present in the store (it is displayed as a tree breaking down into departments);
  • View of the current store equipment planogram;
  • View the legend (store equipment range list), view product range by shelves;
  • View of the product range located on the shelf including its complete data (name, image, price, physical data);
  • View of the store equipment location in the shopfloor;
  • View of adjusted planograms; these planograms are highlighted in the store fixture tree;
  • Comparing current and previous planograms;
  • Possibility to generate a progress report and send it to Head Office for modified planograms (there is a function to attach the image);
  • Ability to generate comments for the store equipment(it looks like a chat) and send it to the Head Office;
  • Printing out planograms and legends.


RS.ShelfSpace management system allows to control the set of measures that reflect efficiency of retail space utilisation.  Every measure/indicator can be detailed to specific section or store equipment. 

Sales Sales
  • Revenues per 1m2 of retail area;
  • Revenues per 1m2 of general area;
  • Sales volume to Effective Stock Area ratio.
Space Utilisation Space Utilisation
  • General Display Effective Area;
  • General store equipment area;
  • General display effective area to store equipment general area ratio;
  • Effective stock area to store equipment effective area ratio;
  • Shopfloor summary information;

RS.ShelfSpace in Digital Ecosystem

SOA of the solution enables fully functioning, reliable and easy integration with other systems.

It allows quick, easy and secure data exchange.

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