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Retail &
E-Сommerce Solutions

Powered by Big Data & AI technologies

Profound experience
in retail business

Knowing industry from the inside allows our team to have a deep understanding of retail merchandise operation principles of various industry segments: food retail, drogerie, DIY, pharmacy, etc.

Big Data, AI and other
innovative industry

We are expanding capabilities of our solutions with Big Data and AI, to reduce retailer’s path from ideas to results.

More than 100 thousand man-hours of development are annually invested into the development of ASTOR solutions.

Proven and effective
technology of project

Implementation technology takes into account specifics of retailers of different formats and sizes. This allows to quickly and successfully automatize processes of both, young, growing chains, and regional or federal retail leaders.


Demand forecasting and replenishment  based on AI technology and predictive analytics

Rase the efficiency of supply chains for even the hardest product categories – from seasonal and fresh products, to new and promoted.

Improve product availability, reduce waste, optimize stock, and decrease labor intensity of ordering operations.


Management of planogram execution quality, increasing the efficiency of the communication between store and HQ

Get the maximum value from every shelf in the store, using optimal planograms automatically generated by the system.

With smart algorithms RS.Shelfspace creates a balanced planogram of margin and traffic generators. This spotlights advantages of the product range, highlighting profitable products and helping the customers to find what they need easily.


Reward programs, customer communication, targeting, and personal offers, powered by predictive analysis, Big Data and AI

Stimulate sales with the inflow of new clients and raise the number of regular customers with carefully designed and clear reward programs.

Learn customer’s needs, preferences and buying patterns to personalize their shopping experience.


Manage, control, and perform of merchandising activities

Industry-specific solution for retail management automation suitable for Grocery, FMCG, Droggery, DIY, and Household retailers of any size.

AI & Big Data technologies

Effects of COVID-19 are changing retail. To maintain business efficiency it is crucial that high quality, economically efficient decisions are made quickly. The new retail reality will be digital and the main instrument of the new digital retail will be Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies.

Industry research support this – in the next two years 7 out of 10 retailers are planning to start using AI capabilities for the proces management of their businesses.

ASTOR AI-solutions use Big Data, machine learning and neural networks to tackle the most complicated business tasks. Tasks like segmentation and customer preference identification, product recommendations and management of the churn, demand forecasting, stock replenishment, etc. Choosing ASTOR retailers get and access to the reference model of an efficient data management across the entire chain.

Out of the box ready strategy of retailer’s IT services development

ASTOR solutions have embedded mechanisms of fast integration with all popular information systems and services. 

Implementation technology is oriented toward a phased approach to automatization. This allows the retailer to expand possibilities of their digital ecosystem with minimal expenditures through out of the box ready IT services and products. 

Recent posts

Eva improves planogram management with ASTOR solution

EVA is the largest drogerie retailer in Ukraine. They have almost 1000 stores with 18 thousand employees. These past few years the retailer has been expanding rapidly, opening 189 new stores in 2019 and 219 in 2020. Business growing so rapidly requires a leveled approach to management and active digitalization of internal processes to maintain… Read More »Eva improves planogram management with ASTOR solution

Uralian drogerie retailer Lamel launched RS.Loyalty&CRM

One of the largest Uralian drogerie retailers launched the customer loyalty system. There are more than 120 stores operating under Lamel and Optima brands. They are located in Ekaterinburg, New Urengoy, Surgut, Tumen and other cities in Ural and Siberia. In June of 2020 the loyalty system implementation based on RS.Loyalty&CRM and RS. Analytics Loyalty… Read More »Uralian drogerie retailer Lamel launched RS.Loyalty&CRM

“Railway trading company” implemented RS.ERP

“Railway trading company” implemented the retail management system RS.ERP. In collaboration with ASTOR specialists the retailer automated all stores and restoraunts. Stores are mostly located on railroad stations , their main consumers are old people, railroad workers and their family.  Integration The system of automated mechanisms was implemented to form regulated and sectoral accounting. Instruments… Read More »“Railway trading company” implemented RS.ERP