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Blog > Automation of Komandor merchandise operation management

Automation of Komandor merchandise operation management

    Collaboration between Komandor and ASTOR began in 2010 with the “RS.ERP ” implementation project.

    Komandor holdings formats and banners:

    • Supermarkets and convenience stores “Komandor”
    • Discounters “Horoshiy”
    • Mini markets “Dva Shaga”
    • Hypermarkets “Alleya”
    • Own trade marks “K” “Vozmu” “Nash Lider”

    Value lies in the low cost of ownership. Along the growth of the company grow requirements for the automation system. If at the time we were choosing we were looking for the system with the most complete functionality, now the primary value of such a system is in the low cost of ownership. It is an open software platform, we don’t need to involve third parties to maintain and develop the system. The solution is very productive. Since the implementation of the RS.ERP solution the number of stores increased two times. The workload on the system increased dramatically, but it endured it and operation remains stable: documents and reports are processed with great speed and data exchange is conducted at designated time slots.
    Pavel Sergeev, CIO Komandor company

    Master data management

    Master data input automation removed the possibility of inputting the wrong information on nomenclature and organisations. Data input is only accessible at the central office and the system helps employees to avoid input errors and cards dublicats.

    Management of range and price formation

    Strategies of regular and promotional price formation are different for all store formats. Control and approval of price formation rules is managed automatically within the system. It calculates prices based on set rules, saving time for category managers. Local factors are affecting demand, that’s why range matrixes within the single store format are corrected based on local customer preferences. Range management automation makes it easier for category managers to actualize a large number of matrixes and analyze range buy sales results.

    Rational range and price formation management allows the Siberian retailer to identify the correct sales strategy and attract customers.

    Suppliers relation management automation allows to control the accuracy of prices and supply. Rating system allows buyers to choose the most reliable and convenient suppliers. 

    Digital transformation

    Through years of solution’s development, the retailer integrated RS.ERP with POS, their own loyalty system, and many other services. ASTOR solution became the technological base for the development of the digital ecosystem “Komandor.” Single digital space connects people. processes and environments, making business more manageable and stable.